Casa Ron


XPLCT Studios


XPLCT Studios creates high-quality clothing and puts comfort and a fair price in front. The collections give consumers the choice between a luxury style and streetwear. Each collection is unique and explicit with the possibility to wear both clothing for a night out in town and clothing for the active day. Of course, constant development is paramount; XPLCT makes clothing that is accessible to everyone with a look that is youthful and mature at the same time.

At XPLCT Studios, research into fashion trends is paramount. The two Amsterdam friends create their own style based on research and continue to develop it. They find inspiration and motivation in bringing together different cultures and interests.

XPLCT Studios is increasingly working on the use of sustainable materials. The GumShoe, with a sole made from recycled chewing gum, is seen worldwide as a promise for the future. XPLCT will continue to develop new ideas for a better, cleaner world.


The real taste of Cuba