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We all know Cuba for it’s colourful architecture, sigars, rum, music,classic cars, and it’s tropical climate. during our regular trips to Cuba, and especially the enchanting and colourful city Havana, we’ve discovered the true Cuban way of life. There is a strong social community on the island… people are very helpful. There’s always something to celebrate, no matter for what reason. we found out that drinking is an essential part of that. Enjoy life as much as possible

Ron Perla del Norte

Founded in the 1960’s for the production of rum and liqueurs in the old factory of José Arechabala y Aldama and got out of business in 1990. Since 2012 this brand was revived and recovered with a totally new concept and design… now focussing only on making 3 very good rums.


3 year old

Ron Perla del Norte Carta Blanca

The rum features a well-evolved eau-de-vie. The sugarcane has been transformed and, despite its alcoholic content, its fine and unrivalled taste helps it stand out among other brands of Light Rum

Tasting notes
Typical, but well evolved white rum with good evolution of aromas from distillation and aging. Lightly balanced sweetness with a slight bitter note.

5 year old

Ron Perla del Norte Carta Oro

Gold colored rum with a characteristic and inimitably pleasant taste. A rum that in terms of taste and appearance exactly between the Carta Blanca and the Añejo. The rum has a natural sweet tone that you do think of the Cuban sugar cane. The strong one scent of vanilla with light notes of wood the ripening process does every rum lover good!

Tasting notes
Not sour, gold rum with a characteristic and inimitable pleasant shade that fills the palate. Harmonious balance of flavors. Clear aging, good evolution.

7 year old

Ron Perla del Norte Añejo

With a bright and clear look that allows you to see the uniformity of its drops in a glass, the wood’s hemicellulose enriches its sweetness accompanied by the distillate that embodies it. Slightly sweet notes with the right balance of bitter. This 7-year aged rum is full of flavor and does you long for another glass of Ron Perla del Norte Añejo! A nice and comfortable aftertaste comes out and invites you to have another drink of this Ron Perla del Norte Añejo.

Tasting notes
Clear integration of the well-aged dark rums. Slight sweetness in proper balance
with moderate bitterness. Full on the palate with an aged sweet note.

Ron Cubay

This award winning rum house was founded in 1964 in Santo Domingo, primarily intended for domestic consumption. Now in 5 different flavours available worldwide. Cubay rums elevate the typical expression of the sweet taste of the Centre island, which preserve the tradition of the Cuban light rum by holding the Designation of Origin Protected Cuba (D.O.P. CUBA).


5 year old

Ron Cubay Añejo Suave

This rum reflects the way of aging of Masters Rummakers in the center of our island. It’s a final blending of rums of very different ages resulting in rum with exceptional softness, harmony and complexity, which makes it attractive to the palate. Patiently aged in white oak barrels, this rum
presents a delicious and balanced bouquet which combines intense and unforgettable aromas. It is to be drunk straight, though it can be also
enjoyed on the rocks or in cocktails.

Tasting notes

Supple and silky with some sweet notes. Oakwood storage adds a hint of spice. Soft, fruity and permanent taste that reveals flavors of fruits that grow in Cuba’s countryside. A pure mix of gentleness and power.

7 year old

Ron Cubay Añejo

The Añejo was created for rum lovers who
like to drink a Carta Blanca, but just want that little extra.
The Añejo is characterized by the bright light
orange color and a complex and strong fragrance,
that you will not soon forget. The intense taste
smooth notes of vanilla and tobacco.

Tasting notes      

Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans go hand in hand with soft fondant and sweets. Delivers a rich and supple taste.

10 year old

Ron Cubay Reserva Especial

The Añejo Reserva Especial is the most prominent member of the Cubay family. The rum has been given a full mahogany color the 10-year maturation. The balanced flavors are enhanced by the soft fragrance made of wood. Smooth and pleasant … for those who enjoy sipping on a well-matured rum with a round taste. The finish is intense and brings one of the most beautiful creations of the rum masters reflected.

Tasting notes
First-class quality rum with a complex aroma of spices, vanilla and honey. Aged for 10 years in white oak barrels.

14 year old

Ron Cubay Carta Blanca Extra Viejo

This intriguing release from Ron Cubay combines the richness of long-aged dark rums with the freshness and vibrancy of top-notch white rum within one expression. The features reserve spirits from deep in their warehouses blended with rums aged in white oak casks.

Tasting notes                         
Creamy vanilla and bright green apple sweetness, with earthy, herbaceous notes that you’re likely to find in well-matured spirits.

18 year old

Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Añejo

Extraordinary Cuban rum here from the Ron Cubay range. This deeply rich expression has been created to sit at the top of their selection, and boasts a flavour profile filled to the brim with oak, toffee, rancio and spice. A frankly ridiculous release.

Tasting notes
Tobacco and salted peanuts, with charred oak underneath. Dense notes of prune and passion fruit grow at the centre. A good kick of cinnamon gives it some pep, while continued vanilla elements keep it enjoyably sweet and rich.

Ron Santiago de Cuba

Established in 1862, this rum house boasts a succesful and over 150 years of distillery experience. They produce first class traditional rums as wel as the very exclusive La Isla del Tesoro rum.

Only available through CasaRon

20 year old

Isla Del Tesoro

First reserved only to Fidel Castro. Now available for the true connoisseur. This very exclusive rum comes hidden in a treasure chest, presented in a vintage-looking ceramic decanter.

Tasting notes
Coffee beans, brown sugar, orange peels, apricot and chocolate-covered peanuts.

Crystal Taste Award 2018
Isla del Tesoro was awarded in the Quality Contest of the institue of Taste and Quality (ITQ)in Brussels, belgium.

Superior Taste Award 2018
In the superior Taste Contest, the rum was awarded all 3 stars for three years in a row. A guaranteed exceptional product which received the Crystal Taste Award

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