Casa Ron

The Real Taste


An extraordinary gin for every occasion. Conceived anddeveloped by two close friends in collaboration with the bestspecialists from Schiedam, the Netherlands. Experience the fresh, soft taste of Ghino and taste with every sip of tonesof fig, mint and ginger which are strengthened by orange and lavender. Compiled for all occasions, for everyone in their own […]

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Two young brothers in the world of red, white, rosé and sparkling: that takes some getting used to for many people. If you look at how wines are often characterized, the choice is actually not that surprising. We are also ‘well-balanced’, at times ‘elegant’, have a good ‘body’ (if we say so ourselves) and are […]

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Orancello The boys of Oud West are three adverturers with one passion: discovering new flavours together. After a long journey of discovery and various experiments, they created the perfect recipe for Orancello. Organic oranges are peeled by hand in a traditional way. They carefully select the highest quality peel for the perfect Orancello. Because only […]

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At Casa Don Ramon, Tequila is a passion, a pride, a heritage. The tequila is distilled from 100% Jalisco blue agave, harvested by hand from the bounty of the earth. We honor this legacy with gratitude and respect for the Jimadores and the land they cultivate. From the field to flute, every step of Don […]

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The Real Taste of Cuba